Let's get this ball rolling

Let's get this ball rolling

It’s been some time since I’ve written anything in the public realm besides a brief Instagram post during the pandemic.
Before that, many of you know that I wrote weekly & monthly newsletters for North49 Books that went out to the Independent bookselling community in Canada for many years. After that, I wrote monthly newsletters for Book City in Toronto for a few years until my retirement near the outset of the pandemic.

What many of you don’t know (unless you picked up on my Instagram posts over the last little while), is that I’ve drawn & painted most of my life.
During the pandemic & early retirement, I’ve had a chance to focus more on my artwork.
It’s been a humbling experience looking over the hundreds of drawings & paintings that I’ve done over the years. While many of them are not exactly successful in professional art terms - several dozen can stand alone on their own merits & others could be built upon to inspire future works.
So what you see here is a sampling of recent works that owe a lot to the previous works that I’ve learned from over the years.

I’ll soon be sending out a monthly newsletter about my continuing art journey but I’ll also be mentioning books as well as music that continue to inspire & inform my art as well.
So until then -



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